Dear Board of Pastors for St. Louis Catholic High School,

Over the past several weeks, there has been much discussion, listening, and learning regarding the potential relocation of our beloved St. Louis Catholic High School. We appreciate what a consequential task a decision of this magnitude will be for all stakeholders involved. 

However, we believe that a full feasibility study needs to be completed before any final decisions are made so that the many outstanding questions can be properly answered. Such a study would help demonstrate the many positives for staying on Bank Street that were omitted on the the Task Force’s comparison as well as those not fully investigated regarding the proposed MorganField location. These include true financial costs, community impacts, safety and location concerns, and ultimately, what is in the best interest for the students and the Diocese.
We invite you to view a presentation that we have prepared asking some of the many questions that remain to be answered and also detailing the many reasons why we strongly believe that rebuilding St. Louis Catholic at its home on 1620 Bank Street is the best choice. This has been prepared to help support a fully informed and balanced decision.