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How Can You Help?

To voice your opinion about the proposed relocation of St. Louis Catholic High School, please contact the Pastor of your parish. 


Mail a Letter

Write a letter to your Parish Pastor and explain your concerns about how you feel about the proposed move of SLC.


Send an e-mail

Every Parish Pastor has an e-mail box, we help you compose an email with your concerns about the move of SLC.

Our Mission

We are SLC family and friends committing to rebuilding our school and our community by laying a new foundation on the sacred ground of our original cornerstone, in the heart of our city. Strengthened by the three schools that founded SLC – merging their character, strength, and traditions moving forward together, united in one vision.

Keep St. Louis High on Bank Street

Your Excellency, Bishop Provost:

As friends and neighbors of St. Louis Catholic High School, we are writing out of deep concern for the future of our school. Through word of mouth, we have heard that St. Louis may be relocating and are disappointed. St. Louis, and one of its predecessors, Landry Memorial High School, have collectively been the anchor of our neighborhood and region for nearly 100 years. Most of us purchased our homes because St. Louis was a mainstay of the neighborhood. We are alumni, current, past and future parents, grandparents and friends of St. Louis. We have been good neighbors: happily sharing our neighborhood with St. Louis families for countless homecoming parades, sporting events, fundraisers, school-wide Masses, and the like. We have cheered our Saints on in good times and shown up to help in the difficult ones.

While we have missed the opportunity to provide input to date, we believe there are several neighbors whose professional expertise could be of great help in this planning process and, as always, we are ready and able to participate. We are part of the St. Louis family and appreciate all the traditions, memories and history of our school. We love that it is located near our Catholic elementary and middle schools, making it convenient for parents who have kids in lower grades and high school.

We are very concerned about what will become of the property at 1620 Bank Street if a decision is made to relocate the school. We believe that transparency is of the utmost importance. Our first choice would be for the school to rebuild on the land they already own and remain a beloved and vital member of our community. If this is not possible, we would ask that the Diocese and Board of Pastors thoughtfully consider the impact on our neighborhood when making decisions about what to do with the property. It is our hope that the St. Louis decision-makers will support our community by leaving it better than they found it.

We appreciate the good neighbor St. Louis Catholic High School has always been and look forward to working with you during this difficult recovery period.